Light Commercial Sheet – WOOD COLLECTION

Light Commercial WOOD COLLECTION DesignDescriptionDesign WOOD COLLECTION 2.2T 2.2mm × 1,830mm × 30M MN22-3722 MN22-4143 MN22-4151 MN22-4161 MN22-4281 MN22-4383 MN22-4401 MN22-4411 MN22-4561 MN22-4571 MN22-4581 MN22-4591 MN22-4593 MN22-4601 MN22-4611 WOOD COLLECTION 2.5T 2.5mm × 1,830mm × 25M NU25-4182 NU25-4191 NU25-4202 NU25-4371 NU25-4451 NU25-4583 NU25-4641 NU25-4651 WOOD COLLECTION 3.0T 3.0mm × 1,830mm × 23M NQ30-3945 NQ30-4214 NQ30-4223 NQ30-4365 NQ30-4365 [...]

Commercial Sheet – ROSTA (New)

Commercial Sheet ROSTA (New) DesignDescriptionDesign ROSTA  3.0mm×1,830mm×20M 30-301 30-302 30-303 30-304 30-305 30-306 30-307 30-308 30-309 30-310 30-311 30-312 30-313 30-314 Description Composition Descriptions Outstanding anti-bacterial and deodorizing effects due to adding phytoncide from cypress tree oil. Various eco-friendly certifications (HB Mark, Floorscore) were obtained as the flooring is made up of eco-friendly raw materials. [...]

Commercial Sheet – MASTA PRO

Light Commercial MASTA PRO DesignDescriptionDesign MASTA PRO 2.0mm × 1,830mm × 20M 20-001 20-002 20-003 20-004 20-005 20-006 20-007 20-008 20-009 20-010 20-011 20-012 20-013 20-014 20-015 20-016 MASTA WOOD 20-017 20-018 20-019 20-020 20-021 Description Composition Descriptions Provides comfort through the application of a cushion layer with high elasticity. Easy cleaning and maintenance through [...]

Commercial Sheet – BASTA (New)

Commercial Sheet BASTA (New) DesignDescriptionDesign BASTA (New)   2.0mm × 1,830mm × 20M 20-201 20-202 20-203 20-204 20-205 20-206 20-207 20-208 20-209 20-210 20-211 20-212 20-213 20-214 20-215 20-216 Description Composition Description Outstanding anti-bacterial and deodorizing effects due to adding phytoncide from cypress tree oil. Various eco-friendly certifications (HB Mark, Floorscore) were obtained as the flooring [...]

Commercial Sheet – ECOSENSE PLUS

Light Commercial ECOSENSE PLUS DesignDescriptionDesign ECOSENSE PLUS 2.2mm x 1,830mm x 20M FQI-22407B FQI-22407C FQI-22407E FQI-22407H FQI-22407I FQI-22408G FQI-22408H FQI-22408I FQI-22408J FQI-22408K Description Composition Description Strong against scratching or nicking due to the application of the transparent layer with the highest thickness among all the products in the same category. (Thickness of the transparent layer [...]

Commercial Sheet – CONSTA 200

Commercial Sheet CONSTA 200 DesignDescriptionDesign CONSTA 200 2.0mm × 1,830mm × 20M 20-101 20-102 20-103 20-104 20-105 20-106 20-108 20-109 20-110 20-111 20-112 20-113 20-114 Description Composition Description The strength of the product is reinforced through the application of a high strength bottom layer. Boasts of outstanding surface durability through the application of a high [...]

Commercial Sheet – MEDIFLOOR

Commercial Sheet MEDIFLOOR DesignDescriptionDesign MEDIFLOOR  2.0mm x 2,000mm x 20M GF-20301 GF-20302 GF-20303 GF-20304 GF-20305 GF-20306 GF-20307 GF-20308 GF-20309 GF-20310 GF-20311 GF-20312 GF-20313 GF-20314 GF-20315 GF-20316 GF-20317 GF-20318 GF-20319 GF-20320 Description Composition Description It is a single-layered uniform quality and highly functional flooring material that can be used in a diverse range of spaces. Outstanding [...]

Transportation Sheet -SENSERONG F

Transportation SENSERONG F DesignDescriptionDesign SENSERONG F  2.0mm × 1,830mm × 20M RS-90013 RS-90014 RS-90016 RS-90020 RS-90021 RS-90023 RS-90031 RS-90032 Description Composition Description Boasts excellent diversity in patterns and durability through the application of special granule color chips. Contraction due to heat and moisture is prevented by doubly laminating a special Glass Fiber Layer. Able to prevent [...]

Transportation Sheet – SENSTONE MULTI / MULTI ROYAL

Transportation SENSETONE MULTI / MULTI ROYAL DesignDescriptionDesign SENSETONE MULTI  1.9/2.2mm x 1,830mm x 20/19M RV5001G RV5001H RV5001I RV5001J RV5001K RV5001L RV5001N RV5001P SENSETONE MULTI ROYAL  2.2mm x 1,830mm x 19M RW5002A RW5002B Description Composition Description It is equipped with a non-slip function along with outstanding wear-resistance and durability due to the application of special chips [...]

Transportation Sheet – SENSERONG F DYNA

Transportation SENSERONG F DYNA DesignDescriptionDesign SENSERONG F DYNA  2.0mm x 1,830mm x 20M NW90428B NW90428C NW90428D NW90428E NW90428F NW90428I NW90428J NW90428K NW903543 NW903682 NW903711 NW904233 Description Composition Description Low-Flame spread DNV certificate has been issued for Senserong F DYNA. Transparent layer prevents indentation and scratch. Includes a special fiber layer that prevents heat and moisture [...]