100% Spc Virgin material Excellent Performance SPC TILE/K-Floor  Formaldehyde-free | Scratch resistance | Waterproof | Anti-bacteria | Stain resistance | Fire retardant | Easy install & maintenance DesignDesign Spec 4mm/5mm x 180mm x 1220mm K-805 K-818 K-3009 K-815 K-821 K-806 K-808 K-816 K-801 K-809 K-811 K-812 K-813 K-819 K-825 K-826

Luxury Vinyl Tile – SENSE TILE Wood

Luxury Vinyl Tile               SENSE TILE Wood DesignDescriptionDesign ORGANIC WOOD  3.0mm x 184mm x 950mm(Glue), 4.3mm x 176mm x 940mm(Click & Loose Lay), 5.0mm x 176mm x 940mm(Click & Loose Lay) GW-1505G GW-1506G GW-1507G GW-1508G GW-1509G GW-1510G GW-1517G GW-1518G GW-1519G GW-1525G SOFT WOOD 3.0 mm × 152.4 mm × 914.4 mm GW-1502G [...]

Luxury Vinyl Tile – SENSE TILE Square

Luxury Vinyl Tile               SENSE TILE Square DesignDescriptionDesign CONCRETE  3.0mm × 600mm × 600mm GS-1551M GS-1552M GS-1553M CARPET 600  3.0mm × 600mm × 600mm GS-1554M GS-1555M GS-1556M GS-1557M MARBLE  3.0mm × 455mm × 455mm GS-1558C GS-1559C GS-1560C GS-1561C GS-1562C GS-1563C GS-1564C GS-1565C GS-1576C GS-1577C ABSTRACT  3.0mm × 455mm × 455mm [...]

Luxury Vinyl Tile – VINYL CLICK Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile               Vinyl Click Tile DesignDescriptionDesign CLICK TILE  5.0mm × 176mm × 940mm KW7337 KW5123 KW7336 KW6013 KW5012 KW5013 Description Composition   Description Satisfies the diversified preferences of clients for interior spaces through the provision of an extensive range of designs and sizes. Produces a delicate and smooth [...]

Vinyl Composition Tile – DELUXE TILE

Vinyl Composition Tile DELUXE TILE DesignDescriptionDesign DELUXE 2.5/3.0mm × 300mm × 300mm, 3.0mm × 450mm × 450mm DX3601 DX3602 DX3603 DX3604 DX3605 DX3606 DX3607 DX3608 DX3609 DX3610 DX3611 DX3612 DX3613 DX3614 DELUXE KING 3.0mm × 450mm × 450mm DK7601 DK7602 DK7603 DK7604 DK7605 DK7606 Description Composition Description The uniform marble chip structure from the surface to the [...]